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Our Home Inspector Team

Chief Home Inspector & Owner


Christopher G. Mohr

In my schooling and career, I have moved over 50 times (lost count at 53).  Some of those moves were to properties I had never seen and I had to rely on descriptions or words of a realtor or landlord.  The worst was a Boston apartment advertised as a Brownstone apartment with a unique view.  It turned out to be an alley entrance into a roach infested basement apartment UNDER a brownstone.  The 'unique view' was through ceiling height windows with bars which looked upon the brick wall across the alley. DON'T let this happen to you.  Find your home inspector BEFORE you need him.

Chris holds a BS in Civil Engineering with over 38 years of experience in building and inspecting. Chris is also a Quality Control Engineer who achieved a difficult ISO 9002 certification ( the benchmark for quality) for his employer during his employment in the pulp and paper industry.

After graduating from Northeastern University with his Bachelor's in Civil Engineering with a concentration in structural and foundation engineering, Chris traveled the country building many important projects such as Major League Ballparks, NFL stadiums, waste-water treatment plants and federal and state prisons as well as smaller projects such as hotels, etc. He proudly includes civil design work on the largest federal penitentiary in the United States and consulting on the 'SuperMax' prison located in Florence, Colorado as part of his extensive resume'.   Chris now serves his community as a well-trained, professional and experienced home inspector.

Chris and his team have established Quantex as a leader in their field by applying their training not just as qualified inspectors but as highly-trained specialists. Chris and the Quantex Team have the knowledge and experience to not only locate areas of concern but to advise and recommend solutions from the viewpoint of an experienced engineer in General Contracting.​

Assistant Home Inspector


Richard E. Mohr

Richard is a proud member of the Quantex Team and brings with him a great diversity of experience.  He has been the owner of a successful landscape design/construction company, an arborist and technical service manager for two major outdoor power equipment manufacturers for over 25 years. 

As the Technical Service and Customer Service Coordinator and Senior Sales and Service Trainer for Garden Way Manufacturing, Richard traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe teaching and guiding businesses regarding the sales and service of products. As the Technical Service Manager of Northeast STIHL, he provided exceptional customer service and technical education to over 1,000 dealers and vocational students throughout a nine state region. In 2007, Richard was bestowed a New York State Teachers Award for his contributions to vocational student education. 

With his far-reaching technical experience and track record of customer service coupled with his recent five year apprenticeship with Quantex, Richard recently passed the Florida Licensing Exam for Home Inspectors and looks forward to meeting and exceeding the needs of all our Quantex customers as our newest home inspector.